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Prof. Dr. Burak Yılmaz
New Possibilities with Digital Prosthetic Manufacturing
Prof Dr A. Bülent Katiboğlu
Last 30 Years of the Clinic in Dental Implant Surgery
Prof. Dr. Hyung-In Yoon
Performance of Deep Learning-Based Design Software for Generating Dental Crown
Dr. Bassam Rabie
Modern Concepts in Esthetic Digital Implant Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Louis Hardan
Adhesives and Direct Posterior Restorations: From Research to Clinical Applications
Dr. Hassan Hikmat Abdulhakeim
Matrix Selection and Deep Marginal Elevation or Extension? How and Why?
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baybora Kayahan
Prof. Dr. Hanefi Kurt
XI. Dental Labor Dental Technicians Symposium Opening Speech
Prof. Dr. Erdem Kılıç
Digital Planning and Workflow in Implant Surgery with Case Presentations
Prof. Dr. Emir Yüzbaşıoğlu
Prof. Dr. Bahadır Kan
The Digital World in Surgical Practice: One Step Forward
Prof. Dr. Tuğba Türk Somer
Next Generation Endodontics
Dr. Uğur Ergin
Tips for Simplifying Life in Digital Dentistry
Prof. Dr. Safa Tuncer
Clinical Success in Anterior Direct Composite Restorations
Dr. Gökhan Dokumacıgil
Direct Composite Restorations in Anterior Diastemas
Dr. Mustafa Bekerecioğlu
Dental Botox Applications (Workshop)
Pierre Hollenbeck
International Patient Process in Dental Health Tourism
Dr. Efe Çelebi
Clinical Management in Dental Health Tourism
Dr. Ender Günay
Complication Insurance in Dental Health Tourism
Kerem Kaan Atılgan
Incentives and Their Management in Dental Health Tourism
Malek Ben Moussa
Emre Öksüz
Where Should I Start Dental Health Tourism?
Dr. Orhan Kazan
Dr. Merve Altıkat
Cdt. Erkut Koca
Functional Designs with Exocad
Cdt. Zeynep Serpil Gönen
Why Should We Work Within the Concept? N.A.T. Concept and Occlusal Compass
Cdt. Emre Sarıtaş
Monolithic Crowns and Bridges Color and Micro Laying Technique